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Welcome to national parks of congo , a complete guide offering travel information about national parks & game reserves of Congo, things to do , best time to visit Congo parks, gorilla trekking permits, where to go gorilla trekking in congo , highlights of Congo safari trips, safari lodges & accommodations in national parks, reliable tour operators in Democratic republic of congo.

Congo national Parks is Africa's most exciting destinations to be visited while on Congo Safari tour booked with congo tour operator, the iconic national parks of Congo including Virunga National Park, Kahuzi Biega National Park, Maiko national park, Odzala-Kokoua National Park & Nouabale Ndoki national park all in congo as known for gorilla trekking in Africa with different species of gorillas ( Eastern lowland, western lowland, Mountain gorillas). All congo national parks is waiting for you to explore its vast landscapes and spectacular African wildlife & primates.

The democratic republic of congo and Republic of congo are the best two countries within the central Africa which have national parks of more than 20 national parks & game reserves , each having different characteristics such as spectacular landscapes, beautiful scenery, gorgeous mountains / hills, wondrous array of flora and fauna , including the worlds famous western Lowland gorillas, Mountain gorillas & Eastern lowland gorillas in Africa.

Congo have over 20 National Parks all located in the central Africa. Find all information about Safari Planning ,safari trip preparations, Plan your Congo safari tour from our recommended gorilla safari tour options, which range from exclusive private safaris to affordable group safaris to Congo. Take a journey of exploration to find Africa's primates while on gorilla trekking guide.

Even Rwanda Gorilla Trek for best Safari tour to Rwanda watching the same Gorillas in Volcanoes national park.

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Democratic republic of congo and republic of congo ranks among the top tourists destinations in the world however getting to congo requires a zealous heart for most travelers. You can use the time to relax, since you will want to hit the ground running if touring the country is on your agenda, Book Safaris to Congo through the use of the recommended Congo Safari Companies

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National parks & Game Reserves .

Explore the most visited national parks & game reserves in congo for gorilla trekking safaris with complete guide info about Mountain, eastern lowland & western lowland gorillas in the tropical rain forests in DR congo.

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News & updates about Congo National Parks

Learn about Congo National parks when planning a congo safari tour through the new feeds of Congo national parks travel guide about how to get around , best time to visit congo,go gorilla trekking in congo

Congo National Parks

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