Boat Ride

river Congo boat rideThe magical and ultimate experience in a part of the world where only few people have discovered its value, that  it passes through ten countries penetrating through the dark green and mighty Congo rain forest also known as the second largest rainforest after the the River Nile and the  Amazon rain forest.

The River is proved to be the deepest and the second longest river in the world, after the Nile River as well as the third largest in this world in terms of volume, after the Amazon and Ganges-Brahmaputra.

The 1000 square kilometer voyage from the city of Mbandaka to Kisangani or vice versa is divided into two including from Mbandaka to Lisala, and from Lisala to Kisangani with opportunities of visiting the remote villages as well as the countries important historical sights.

This incredible one whole day experience in a 34 meter long boat fitted with two outboard engines, and further equipped with safety equipment, sanitary installation, generators, lightings and freezers. The boat is manged by a highly experienced  and trained captain; cooks mechanics and a sailor as well as a tourist guide  who is able to guide throughout the cruise while in the river, but every night is spent along the shores of the lake as there are marvelous exchange of culture with the local people.

This essence of adventure is the most precious moments while in Congo with its uniqueness since it includes…

  • Well stocked bar with enough drinking water
  • Entrance fee and the government taxes and permits for entering through the water ways with the police
  • Tickets and buffets plus close personal monitor while on the boat