Top 6 Reasons to Book a Private Airport Transfer in Uganda

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November 7, 2018

Top 6 Reasons to Book a Private Airport Transfer in Uganda

Top 6 Reasons to Book a Private Airport Transfer in Uganda on Uganda Safari holiday. Top 6 Reasons to Book a Private Airport Transfer in Uganda

Entebbe international airport so the main airport of Uganda and is being expanded to address growing passenger and cargo traffic. The main airport in Uganda is located roughly 40km from Uganda’s capital city Kampala, is undergoing expansion in a phased manner to accommodate the country’s rising passenger and cargo traffic.

At our company, we offer customers the choice between onward travel with a private transfer in Uganda or sharing the ride with other parties to your destination, and where the other people might be dropped off before you, in that final destination.

A Shared transfer is an excellent option for people who prefer to avoid the high cost of a private transfer and are concerned about their carbon footprint.

With a Shared transfer, you might have to wait longer at the airport, while other passengers arrive on different flights.

Also, the minibus might have to stop a few times, usually in the same resort, to drop-off other passengers, before you reach your accommodation.

You will be taken from the airport arrivals and dropped-off immediately outside your chosen accommodation. You will not have to worry about taking a taxi or a bus in the destination resort. You will be sharing the vehicle with other people who might be dropped off at different locations in the resort, before you. This may be to your advantage that you get a free trip to these destinations

When departing the resort, your driver will pick you up from your accommodation, and drop you off immediately outside the airport departure hall.

By choosing a seat in a shared vehicle, you leave a lower carbon trail. Using a shared transfer reduces total traffic exposure and aggregate vehicle emissions.

By now, you should have realized that shared transfers require a bit of “give and take” and obliges all passengers to have a considerate attitude towards each other.

We do not recommend any particular shared carrier on the route between the airports and the resorts. Our platform will display availability and a choice of carriers if there is one. On our platform, you should book and pay. Your booking is confirmed at the point of sale.

Unlike other booking companies, a booking made through our company is a confirmed booking. We have found that other transfer booking companies take your money, and then they try to resell your purchase to a transfer company. Sometimes, they cannot find a transfer company that will buy your booking, and with very short notice, you might find yourself without a ride.

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