Guided Nature walks in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Experience the best of the famous Tracks with the crowds and at a pace tailored to you. Learn about the local flora and fauna while exploring the historical Trails of this majestic regions

There is no better way to learn more about nature than get up close and personal. Soak into the African scenery and enjoy the sunny climate. Hiking trails are available for all visitors to experience wildlife on foot and get closer to nature. A walking tour through the bush with an experienced guide offers guests the opportunity to experience the wilderness from a new and exciting perspective. We all focus on the Eastern lowland gorillas, it is fascinating to come across other primates such as golden monkeys, and probably the big-five, as well as the small-five which includes The elephant shrew, leopard tortoise, rhinoceros beetle, ant lion and buffalo weaver!

These bush walks are safe and you are accompanied by qualified safari guides who make sure that the hiking trails are safe and informative. Walking in Congo can offer an unrivaled sense of freedom as you venture into some of the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet. Without a doubt, there is no better way to experience Africa’s wilderness than on foot; and walking can really put you at the heart of where you choose to travel.

Throughout the country, we feature some fantastic walking trails. Each country has its specialities, from self-guided nature trails to more serious overnight hiking. Much of the walking in Africa will be guided, as there may be dangerous wildlife nearby. We have found guided walks to be an excellent way to learn more about the local flora and fauna whilst getting about on foot.

With a range of options – guided or self-guided, leisurely or vigorous, short or extensive – we can help advise you on the best walking routes on your African holiday. If you are looking to find big game on foot, take a look at some of our excellent,One of the best things to do in Congo – if you’re sick of visiting museums, coffee shops, and shopping – then just step out into nature. Surrounded by the earthy smell of the forest, hearing only the crunching of leaves, and the twittering of birds, which will later reconnect you to your inner self.

Kahuzi Biega National Park , although famous for its Eastern lowland gorillas, and other primates such as the colobus monkeys among others, It is very possible that nature walks will be involved during the search of the these primates, birds, and other insects throughout the park.

Part taking in a guided nature walk through the forest of Kahuzi Biega is such an interesting activity, searching for primates within the park, in that your group will be driven into the pack vehicle to the starting point after the morning orientation at the park’s headquarters. You will then walk through the deep forest with great encounters of beautiful of different bird species, tree species, vegetation , and wildlife such as the elephants that live in the forest.

During the nature walks, while along the lower levels of the bamboo and mountain forest, you will not have to trek for long , because you will encounter primates such as; Bosmann’s poto,Red tailed guenon,owl faced guenon, mona guenon, blue guenon, L’Hoest guenon, Dwarf galago, grey cheeked mangabey, Northern black colobus, Western Red colobus, Angolan black and white colobus, Anubis Baboon, and Chimpanzees, which is not same with that of the Eastern lowland gorillas.

These nature walks avails you with an improved awareness about the ecosystem, not forgetting the bird watching experience which requires a slow movement throughout the park for better view since most birds hide in the tree branches. Not only does the guided nature walk takes place in the forest/National park but also in the communities whereby you have incredible opportunities of visiting the locals and participate in their home stay activities/practices as well as appreciating their ways of life.