How to Book Congo Gorilla permit, Congo Gorilla trekking Tour, Congo Gorilla Safaris

Planning a gorilla trekking tour in congo? Gorilla trekking tours in all african countries  ( Rwanda , Uganda , DR congo and republic of congo ) requires you to have a valid gorilla permit which is sold by the responsible Body. Find all the gorilla permit info, how to book congo gorilla permit, cost of Gorilla permit to Virunga, Maiko National Park , Kahuzi Biega National Park congo gorilla permits, Fees for the gorilla permit and nyiragongo climbing permit.

Among the popular gorilla trekking safaris in congo will lead you to Virunga National Park the home for the endangered Mountain Gorillas, Kahuzi Biega National Park for Eastern Lowland gorilla trekking and Odzala National Park for the western Lowland gorillas, Booking this gorilla safari tour to explore all the three types of gorillas on a single Africa safari tour offered by reliable Africa tour operators will be rewarding you will the comparison of all the species of the gorillas in Africa.

How to Book a Congo Gorilla Permit

Find all the congo gorilla permit booking process when your planning a gorilla trekking safari to congo. Congo national parks are managed by one organization and its the same body responsible for the issuing of the gorilla permits in congo ( ICCN) This organization is having open offices in all destinations with congo that are open for visit for gorilla trekking and these include the Virunga National Park , Kahuzi Biega National Park and the fees are the same in both countries .

For the congo gorilla permit to maiko national park and odzala national park , travelers  have to visit the official sites of the destinations that are offering gorilla tours to these two destinations, information is coming soon about these two national parks as they are not easily accessed by travelers.

Congo Gorilla permits can either be booked via Virunga National park and Kahuzi Biega National park  and this booking should be done in advance to avoid being disappointed that the park on a specific day is fully booked and you may miss this long waited safari experience in the wilderness of Congo , those that will have booked their safari holiday with Congo safari operators should be sure that the quote offered to them includes the gorilla permit charge which is always 400 $$$ for normal gorilla trekking or 600 USD for gorilla habituation which is now open for visitors going to Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Gorilla permit booking offices in Congo ( Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature) can make gorilla permit booking even if its 2 years advance and they will refer you to be reliable way of making the congo safari holiday the best. The gorilla permit for Virunga National Park can never be valid for the gorilla trekking in Kahuzi biega National Park , so always take a note that if its double visit to both the eastern lowland gorillas & Mountain gorillas, you will require to have a 2 valid gorilla permits as they can be secured from Kahuzi Biega offices in Bukavu and Virunga Foundations offices in Goma town all located in Eastern Democratic republic of congo.

Find complete guidelines to book in Virunga National Park Congo Gorilla permit.

When booking through Virunga Foundations ( ICCN Goma Offices)  you should then contact Virunga National Park Congo  through an email ( by making an inquiry  with your intended gorilla trekking dates Virunga Mountains. You will then get your quick reply, although there are few cases of delays and the may refer you to congo safari company that may be offering congo tours and the tour operator will ensure that your gorilla permit is booked and paid,  Find the chances of enjoying the promotional gorilla permits that come a discounted price for early bird travelers to Virunga National park by adding more than one Safari activity into the trip like visiting the gorillas & Nyiragongo Volcano .

You will then be provided with their banking details in which you will make your payments and lodge reservations, whose details will later rescue you during your visa applications, but remember to immediately send your transaction receipt by email or visit Virunga.

Find guidelines when booking Kahuzi Biega National Park Congo.

Kahuzi biega National park gorilla permit booking can be done  through the email : and the response may delay at times, book the gorilla trekking permit and gorilla habituation permit to enjoy staying with the gorillas for more than one hour which is the case for Gorilla trekking trips as per the rules and regulations in the wilderness of kahuzi Biega National Park. The cost of the gorilla trekking permit in Congo is 400 $$$ and Gorilla habituation is 600 $$$. Select the type of the permit that your trying to book during the congo safari tour in the wilderness of Africa.

Note: All gorilla permit booking and confirmation are based in first come first serve and travelers are advised to transfer the gorilla trekking permit fees to the park accounts before the safari starts or before they travel to democratic republic of congo.

Yet travelers that have booked their congo gorilla safaris through the congo safari companies is always the best and these companies will have the duty to process for you a Congo tourists Visa that is always valid for a period of 14 Days but single entry visa including all Congo National Parks as its approved by the Congolese immigration department .  These Congo Safari operators will even help in selecting the best hotels and safari lodges for your accommodations that can best suit into your travel plan during the congo Safari.

Cost of the Congo Gorilla Permits

The Costs of Congo gorilla trekking permits differs according the nationality and the duration to stay with the gorillas in the rain forest during the congo safari tour. The Cost / fee for the gorilla permit is 400$$$ for the foreigners and the east African , South african nationals its 200 $$ for the normal one hour gorilla trekking and then habituation is 600 $$$ for the Foreigners & East , south African Nationals its 300 $$ valid to stay with the gorillas max of 4 hours in Rain forest. However travelers have a chance to change the gorilla permit to gorilla habituation and stay with the gorillas for 4 hours and make top up of the fees and enjoy Gorilla habituation once in democratic republic of congo , the maximum number of individuals per gorilla group is 4 pax during the Gorilla habituation trip in Kahuzi Beige National Park.

 Double gorilla Trekking in Congo National Park

When your planning a double gorilla trekking experience in congo , this may come with visiting more than one destination for gorilla trekking within congo national parks , visiting the Virunga National Park for  mountain gorillas and Kahuzi Biega national park for eastern lowland gorillas , yet the second option for double gorilla trek in congo can be visiting the mountain gorillas two times during the same safari in the same  national park of congo with different rangers . Virunga National park congo has over 7 gorilla families and groups which are open for gorilla watching as these groups are habituated to human being but chances are high to meet the wild gorillas during the trekking time in the virunga mountains .  yet in Kahuzi biega national park there are 6 gorilla families open for trekking and habituation safaris are only done on two families which are still the process of being used to human visitation , Select the best gorilla tour to fit into your need by  booking with the local congo tour operators that have been in the tourism business since the re opening of these national parks of congo to visitations by tourists in the eastern part of Democratic republic of congo.

Congo Gorilla trekking rules & Regulations

As part of the conservation efforts put in place by international communities like WCS, WWF , the local organization that manages the parks is ICCN , the following rules are to be observed by Gorilla trekking tourists in Congo gorilla National Parks which on gorilla watching experience.

• Only 8 trekkers per group are allowed to trek
• Sick people are not allowed to trek, since the gorillas are susceptible to human illnesses
• No food or drink should be respectively eaten or taken in the presence of the gorillas.
• Do not leave garbage in the park
• Voices should be kept low while the jungle and as you are approaching the gorillas as well as when you are in their presence
• Follow the trackers signals, during photography, following his examples when he is slowly crouching down.
• On your encounter, you should not look straight in to the eyes of the gorillas, or attempt to run away
• Flash photography is not recommended when taking photos
• You keep a distance of seven meters from the gorillas at all times and the maximum time spent in their presence is strictly an hour