Book Climbing Nyiragongo Permit, Hiking Permit, Congo Safari tour

Virunga Mountains are a chain of active and dormant volcanoes in East Africa which are open for trekking and hiking tours recommended by congo tour operators, among the most active volcano is Nyiragongo volcano which is located in Virunga National park and its open for trekking which will require you to secure the nyiragongo climbing permit like the Congo gorilla permit , its advisable that nyiragongo hiking permits are booked in advance to avoid  being  disappointed when your informed by the ICCN ( virunga Foundations ) that there is no space on your preferred date of visit as the hikers are limited to only 24 pax per day . find all the information about the nyiragongo hiking permit , cost of the permit to climb nyiragongo , porter fees , mikeno package fee during the nyiragongo hiking .

Nyiragongo Volcano is located in the virunga  national park which is along the northern border of Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda. The mountain range is a branch of the Albertine Rift Mountains, which border the western branch of the East African Rift.

Booking offices of Mount Nyiragongo Volcano in Congo

Virunga National Park is among the top accessible national parks in congo compared to other destinations that are open for visiting, you can  book through virunga National Park Headquarters in Goma from Bunagana Office and the latter by booking through tour operators in Uganda (first inquire because some of them don’t offer Congo safaris) and Rwanda because there are very few tour operators within Democratic Republic of Congo.

How to Book Mount Nyiragongo Hike Permit

Travelers that are planning to visit nyiragongo volcano on their private guided tour are advised to book the Nyiragongo climbing tour permit through the Virunga Foundations, or visit their offices in Goma town to check out if there is availability for hiking space as this is more possible for the United nation workers that may be interested in knowing and viewing the landscape of the virunga national park during the 2 days Nyiragongo climbing tour .  yet those that have decided to book the gorilla safari in congo may You can acquire this permit through the congo tour operators that are offering congo safari tours at the most affordable prices.

Cost of a Mount Nyiragongo Hike Permit

Nyiragongo mount climbing permit is less by 100 USD only compared to the mountain gorilla trekking permit in Virunga national park  and the nyiragongo volcano hiking permits costs only $300 to hike to the peaks of this magnificent active Volcano. You should note that this price excludes the cost of food, thus you would rather opt for the Nyiragongo Hiking Mikeno Package (that costs $100) thus caters for your food.

The Nyiragongo climbing fee charged by Virunga Foundation includes an overnight stay at the peak of Nyiragongo Volcano cabins , but the travelers is advised to include the mikeno package ( Food ( lunch and dinner )  for the two days trip ( Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast before you descend Nyiragongo Volcano.)

How tourists can Climb Mount Nyiragongo Volcano per Day .

The maximum number of Nyiragongo Volcano hiker to the summit has been determined by the number of cabins, for there are 12 cabins with each accommodating two persons, thus only 24 hikers are allowed to hike per day, and therefore this means that your Nyiragongo permit bookings should be made as early as possible to be assured of your hiking date.

Actual Day of Nyiragongo Climbing in Congo

On the hiking date, you have to be at the Kibati ranger station at 8:00am for orientation, before hiking which normally starts at 10:00am and the hike may take a bout 5 to 6 hours, depending on the fitness of all people in the group as well as the weather conditions. For better and memorable hiking, you should to carry a good hiking gear,which includes,hiking shoes, gloves, warm sock, warm jackets,because the weather at Nyiragongo is unpredictable.