Maiko National Park- Congo Gorilla Trekking, Primate Safaris congo

Maiko National park congo is the second destination that is hosting the Eastern Lowland gorillas and its not open for Congo gorilla trekking  except Kahuzi Biega National Park , find all the relevant information about Maiko National park congo to help you plan your congo gorilla safari tour.

Maiko National Park congo lies in one of the most remote rain forest areas of congo , Covering an area of 10,885 km2 (4,203 sq mi). Maiko National park is divided into three sectors, straddling the states of North  Kivu, Province Orientale, and Maniema, this is a clear indication that travelers planning to visit Gorillas in Maiko national park can have safari extensions to cover Virunga National Park & kahuzi Biega National Park for the comparsion of the Mountain Gorillas & the Eastern lowland gorillas in the wilderness of Congo.

Among the Top things to see & do in Maiko National park include Eastern Lowland gorillas ( Gorilla Trekking ) Okapi Wildlife Watching, Eastern Chimpanzee and Congo Peafowl which is among the rare Species in Africa.  Maiko national park-Congo national parks

Maiko National Park is  10,400 sq km  half way between Bukavu at the Rwandan border and Kisangani.  Maiko national park tourism has not yet developed due to the in accessibility of the park and so there is  no airstrips, no lodges, and no amenities  as per the recent search so, travelers should be ready to stay in the local community with the local tents and eat from the local even if the Congo safari is booked through a congo safari company . There is just one 4×4 track leading from Bafwasende to some small villages within the park.

Maiko National Park is managed by the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) which, despite the absence of rangers and facilities, is responsible for entry permits. ICCN has control over the park in law, but villages of rebels and native tribes retain control over the park.

Things to see in Maiko National Park

The first thorough exploration of the Maiko dates back to 1989, when the Wild life conservation society, backed by the  ICCN,  and supported by the World bank,  the  European Community and the WWF, moved into the area and surveyed about 950 km of transect Wild Conservation Society further surveyed the North Sector in 2005 The Dian Fossey Gorilla fund conducted the first surveys of the southern sector of the park for over a decade in 2005, and documented a gorilla population more widespread than previously detected from previous studies.okapi-Maiko national park

A more recent survey focused on the forests west and south of Maiko National park in 2010 revealed that threats had intensified for the endangered Eastern Lowland gorillas and the Okapi , so travelers can book congo Safari is the available option to enable you enjoy a fantastic gorilla trekking holiday in the wilderness of Maiko National Park.

Flora and fauna in Maiko National Park

Maiko national park-forest elephantsThree of the country’s spectacular endemic animals occur here: the Eastern Lowland Gorilla, the Okapi, and the Congo Peacock. Also Forest Elephants and Leopards. The park is home to numerous endemic & rare species and, almost certainly, many rare species yet to be documented. However, the presence of former rebels who have made their homes in the park, along with illegal mining and poaching means that many species are threatened with extinction. One example, a new gorilla subspecies first documented in a 2005 survey was not found and believed extinct in a 2010 survey.

Getting in and around Maiko National Park

Accessibility of Maiko National park in democratic republic of congo is among the hardest thing and the park is hard to be visited as compared to Virunga National Park, Upemba national park & Kahuzi Biega National Park. See the various routs and ways of getting around Maiko National Park while on Congo Safari tour, Routes, that lead to Maiko National park,whereby you can either start your journey from Goma or Benin or Butembo, or from Okapi wildlife reserve as they are allocated in Congo

There is just one 4×4 “road” leading from Bafwasende to some small villages within the park. There are some off-piste 4×4 tracks for only the most die-hard overlanders in properly-equipped vehicles can tackle.

Best Time  To visit Maiko national park

The climate is hot and humid in the river basin, but cool and dry in the southern. The Democratic Republic of Congo lies in the equator with a third to the north and two thirds of the country to the south.Visits to the country is done all year round.All you need to do is to co-operate with Congo tour operators