Odzala National Park Congo , Gorilla Trekking & Things to Do

Welcome to Odzala National park Congo which is the home for the Western lowland gorillas in the republic of congo located within the central Africa holding the most wildlife and primates . Find all the information about gorilla trekking in odzala , where to stay , when to visit or best time for gorilla trekking in Odzala National Park congo .

Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Congo is second of Africa's oldest national parks created in 1935 after Virunga National Park in eastern Congo that is the home for the mountain gorillas designated in 1925. Odzala-Kokoua National Park is Covering an extensive area of 13,500 km2 area as the park lies in the heart of the Congo Basin. The basin is the second largest rain forest in the world, spanning more than two million square kilometers across six countries and accounts for 18 percent of the world's remaining rain forest. The biological diversity and endemism are extraordinary here, especially considering that humans have occupied the area for over 50,000 years. Odzala national Park has had its share of ups and downs and its having clean waters and boat canoeing is done in as an extra Safari Activity apart from the gorilla trekking.

Things to do in Odzala at different Camps

Your Valuable time to Odzala national park during the congo safari will be divided into three camps in different areas, each with its own specialties. At Ngaga Camp you'll concentrate on tracking the western lowland gorillas, led by a professional guide and local tracker. You have two chances to trek, though a third is possible (at extra cost). From Ngaga you can also visit Ombo village to find out something of the life of the people who live in this vast forest.

At Mboko Camp, the largest 12-room camp set along the Lekoli River, you go for walks in the forest, as well as boating trips.

Lango Camp are similar to those at Mboko - you'll be able to take leisurely pirogue rides on the river, drive into the savannah and go for walks by the bai. Some of these activities can involve wading through streams and bais, and patiently waiting to see the forest wildlife;-Western lowland gorillas -
there are 2 habituated groups.the primates such as; crowned monkey, moustached monkey, black and white colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, putty-nosed mangabey.Other mammals include- forest duikers, forest buffalo, harnessed bushbuck, forest elephant, spotted hyena, bongo, red river hog, western sitatunga, and ther birds which are of, African grey parrot, green pigeon, great blue turaco, blue-casqued wattled hornbill. as well as the reptiles such as; slender-snouted crocodile and African dwarf crocodiles (both seen quite rarely)

Getting Around Odzala National Park, Flights to Congo

Planning for gorilla trekking in odzala national park can be time consuming and many travelers start by asking them selves about the flights to Congo's Odzala National Park, Location of Odzala and Transport to Odzala National Park in Congo. The Writer informs the reader about the comprehensive flights and local car rental companies & tour operators to congo, how to get around Congo, There are few flights to the Republic of congo , although all flights will take to Brazzaville and take ground transportation to Odzala national Park. The Flights are : Air France via Paris and Kenya Airways via Nairobi are usually the best options for anyone flying from Europe. Please note that due to timings an overnight in Paris is sometimes required on the Air France routing. Connecting to the park can be done using local flights that can be booked by the officials of Odzala National Park Congo .

Flora and fauna in odzala

Odzala National Park hosts approximately 4,500 plant and tree species. The vast majority of the park's forest is open-canopy Marantaceae and these are the dependent facts for the list of things to be done in Odzala national Park Congo.These include the Gorilla trekking which are the Western lowland gorillas, Canoeing and Wildlife viewing.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of Congo is a remote and vast tract of the globally-important Congo Basin rain forest. With the largest concentration of western lowland gorillas in Africa, a high density of forest elephants, plus chimpanzees (rarely seen) and other primates, predators such as spotted hyenas and several, in fact over 100 mammal species, and a rich bird wildlife, this is a hugely special forest reserve.

Gorilla trekking in odzala national park is the main tourists safari activity enjoyed by those that select congo safari tour , this gorilla trekking is having the same rules & regulations like the one for the mountain gorillas in Virunga Mountains and Eastern Lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park in Eastern congo and travelers have to observe them for the conservation of the endangered species in the african tropical rain forests.

Odzala National Park Safaris

Gorilla Trekking : can start from Ngaga Camp centre around treks to see habituated Western lowland gorillas. Each visitor gets two chances to track the gorillas and these take place in the mornings - guests are usually back in time for lunch. This leaves the afternoon free for a forest walk, or a visit to the nearby Ombo village. Ngaga also offers fascinating night walks, which give you a totally different perspective on the area.

From Lango Camp the activities on offer include the walk in the bai in front of camp, for which you should be prepared to get wet! Walking through the clear water, sometimes up as far as your river shoes or old trainers/sneakers are recommended footwear. River trips in steel boats with an engine take you down Lekoli River to look out for moustache or putty-nosed monkeys and various birds. Safari drives in 4WD vehicles, and walks in the savannah and river forest areas are also possible.

There are Various raised hides have been established to enhance the wildlife game viewing (Forest Elephants). There is also a remarkable diversity of animals in the park. Whilst the opportunity to track the gorillas is the obvious highlight, many other animals can be seen including forest elephant, forest buffalo, bongo, sitatunga and chimpanzees. In addition an estimated 430 bird species and several other primates including guereza colobus, grey cheeked mangbey and mustached monkey can be seen.

Safari Lodges and Accommodations in Odzala National Park

Lango Camp and Ngaga Camp will be no exception. Each camp has only 6 sensitively designed rooms that take inspirations from the hearts of the local pygmy or forest dweller people. Locally produced sustainably harvested materials were extensively used in the construction of the camps and they were designed to blend in perfectly with the surroundings. Each room was raised 3-4 metres from the ground to minimise the impact on fragile ground plants with a wraparound walkway to allow full appreciation of the forest canopy.

The gorilla viewing are conducted with the same strict principles. Groups are limited to 8 people and a maximum of 1 hour per day is allowed to view any 1 group of gorillas. Groups are are expected to stand 7 metres to the gorillas. Anybody with colds, flu or other respiratory conditions will not be allowed to track the gorillas and no children under the age of 15 years will be allowed in order to minimise the transfer of infections to them.

Things to Do in Odzala National Park

Eastern Lowland Gorillas trekking : Although less visited, Odzala national park today is a very safe destination currently taking visitors to visit Corvette-Ouest Region of the Republic of Congo rich with some of the best spots of Western lowland gorillas, with an offer of double trekking.

Wildlife Watching , Forest Elephants Odzala National Park is also blessed with wildlife which includes forest elephants and forest buffalos,bongo, sitatunga and chimpanzees which are often seen along the fringes of the woodlands.