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Upemba National Park is  located with in Katanga province which is the largest province in the south eastern Democratic republic of Congo. Upemba National park borders were re defined from 17,730 square kilometers to 10000 square kilometers as project that was aimed at the improvement of the conservation of wildlife animals in the great Katanga Province. Upemba national park is divided into tow sectors , the lower section with lake Upemba ( depression ) and other savanna grassland open for visitation during congo wildlife safari.  Among the top congo safari places to be visited is the  Upemba depression, a lush area of lakes and marshes including the eponymous lake upemba, and bordered by the Lualaba River, and also its higher section is in the dryer Kibara plateau mountains. Upemba national park wildlife safari can be added with Kundelungu national park which is adjustment to each other.

Location of Upembe National park

The habitat of the park varies from Afro montane grasslands and forests at higher altitudes in the Kibara Mountains : through Miombo woodlands and tropical rain forests to marshes,wetlands lakes, and streams with riparian zones at the lower altitudes It is home to some 1,800 different species, some of them discovered as late as 2003.

Lake Upemba

Lake Upemba has a maximum depth reported to be only 3.2 metres (10 ft) and it is a site of intense algae growth. The watercourses of the region fluctuate according to the season and the water level in the lakes is high from March to June, and low from October to January. Many of the bodies of the water in the area are characterized by extensive swamps, with papyrus,Nile Lecttuce and water caltrop among other species among other species.

How to get around Upemba National Park

Upemba national Park , though situated in Katanga province, is 400km from the border of Angola and Zambia, it also borders Tanzania – although Katanga province and Tanzania does not share a land border – but the border was within Lake Tanganyika. Katanga has a wet and dry season. Rainfall is about 120 cm (49 in) and this Means that the accessibility of upemba can start with Water transport crossing from Tanzania or by Land or Air . Check out Lubumbashi International Airport in Lubumbashi to get international Flights to enable you book a Congo Safari in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The system of lakes, rivers, swamps and wetlands supports a variety of fish fauna. The park also has avariety of bird species which includes several threatened or endangered species, such as the shoebill,wattled crane and spotted ground-thrush, as well as schmidt’s snouted frog -only known from the park.Others include notable species like Wattle crane, Chestnut owlet, bee-eater, Racket tailed roller, shoebill, Dickinson’s Kestrel, barbets, Angola Lark, Cisticola, Souza shrike, honey guide greenbelt, leaf-love, Warblers, Nicator, Miombo rock thrush, flycatchers, sparrow weaver, paradise, seed eater, fire finch and many others.

Things to do in  Upemba National parky

There are ten large fishing lakes subject to legal exploitation of their resources. Fishermen have formed local cooperatives and they fish between the months of March and November but how well this is enforced is difficult to assess. There is evidence to suggest that fishing continues throughout the year and that the use of illegal nets is common practice.

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