Planning a simple safari if not handled with care can make you wallow with logistics like a hippo rolling in mud. With a vast country like Congo which is strategically located in Central Africa. You might be amazed by the number of National parks, activities to do, as well as the different types of accommodations. In fact Congo has various safari options to accommodate all travelers ranging from budget to high end. In most cases, planning your safari requires careful arrangements between you and your tour operator before you make your final decision about you’re a safari destination, when to go, where to go, what to do on a particular date. Take a quicker look at a few highlights that will help you get ready for your Congo safari…

Your interest

Your interest towards your next safari is the main determinant of the type of safari that will be more satisfying for you, for example; you may like nature walks and hiking adventure, or you would wish to visit the famous mountain/lowland gorillas or else opt for a game drive where you will prefer to view the wild game from the roof of the car, not forgetting those would prefer the self-drive system of driving their own adventure through the wide open roads. In a nutshell, every safari has comes with its own embedded unique features, you may therefore be required to pinpoint the destinations which consists of most the experiences you are highly interested.

When to travel

There are only two seasons in Congo, each with different activities and experiences. You will want to make preparations in advance before that D-day, which might call for an early booking prior to at least three months before you travel. The seasons in Congo also have a couple of reasons that determines ones travel arrangements. that is, one may prefer to travel from during the low seasons if they do not like overcrowding and the heat, yet others will opt for the peak seasons when the skies are clear with no expectations of heavy down pour so that they can pack light .

The budget

Make a realistic assessment of your budget, by calculating the actual cost which covers up the type of trip, the vehicle type, the level of experience of your guide, quality and type of accommodation facilities and length of your time spent in each destination. Some extra cost may also increase your budget and this will give you a reason to always move with an all-inclusive budget.

Where to go

Congo being in the central region has world class adventurous safari destinations that are so thrilling and evocative such as the Virunga and Kahuzi Biega where you meet the worlds famous gorilla which makes it an anticipated once in a life time trip. Alongside gorillas, the nyiragongo volcano is also one of the greatest wonders in Congo that.

When to go

The high seasons of December to March and from July to September where days are hot and nights are called are the good better days when most game are easily spotted as they get out of their hiding places to search for food and other prey whilst other animals move to the shores to cool up. During low seasons of Mid-March to June and October to November, the budget is quite reduced due to attached benefits of discounted lodges, permits, with green lush vegetation and there are a lot of baby animals as well as birds in the bush. It’s so comfortable that most parks are less crowded.

Contact a safari tour operator

Doing it yourself without the help of a tour operator will mean a waste of time, by large, you will have a lot of itineraries to work on by yourself if you decide to do it by yourself and which you have to do a lot of work searching for the right locations of your safari destinations. No you can’t you can only be save from this hassle by working with a tour operator who will take the burden to make all the bookings because they have ground information, special knowledge about the safety of the lodges and tourist traps and are always make their booking at required special rates.