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All you need to know about your Congo safari/trip

We firmly believe that planning your memorable and lifetime safari  can be much fantastic as going for the holiday itself, but also perceive the truth that it could be so much confusing and a little bit frustrating and that is why we bring in the Congo travel advice about your travel details.

Having known of the stature of Congo for lowland and mountain gorillas as well as Nyiragongo  mountain, Congo offers unparalleled experiences in its National parks, therefore you should not be worried, about your trip to the country.

Safari duration

The time taken by agiven safari/trip solely depends upon the client’s wishes, following the type of activity,and the destinations he/she will have opted for  in that particular season.One can have aday’s gorilla trekking, mountain hike,cultural walk, or even agame drive in one of the closer Parks or  select an extensive tour of several parks which could last for 2 days or even aweek or more. A day’s gorilla trek usally takes between 30mins to 6 hours, with the rest of the day being spent on other activities such as gamedrive, or spending the rest of your day relaxing along the beach, or swimming pool.

Your safari starts….

We recommend leaving the lodge as early as 6:30-7:00 am, as most of the parks open at exactly 8:00 am and also because the mornings tend to be cooler, making it more comfortable for all the activities except game drives, and boat cruise.This is when the primates and wild game are most active.You also have achance of getting to the park ahead of other tourists.Most of the parks don’t have fixed time for the closure because they rely on the day’s activity and the weather, so getting there early gives you more time to enjoy the wild and the adventure.However our guide’s foremost priority is the clients’ satisfaction, and they will always adjust their schedules according to your wishes.

Safari vehicles

safari vehicle-Congo travel adviceTravel fleets consists of customized, supercustoms, Toyota land cruiser 4×4 vehicles with most of them having pop-up roofs which allow you to stand up and observe as well as taking photos in greater comfort.
What is a safari vehicle?
Self Drive Uganda travel fleet of safari vehicles consists of customized 20o8-2016 Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 vehicles. Most of the vehicles have ergonomic seats,roof top tents, cooler box for your drinks and snacks,GPS, etc. Pop-up roofs, which allow you to stand up and observe and take photos in greater comfort, are also part of the package.

Safari Food

The safari packages are always done on full board, right from day 1 of your trip to the last day, in that,breakfast is always taken  at the lodge,lunch could be en-route/packed or still at the lodge depending on the clients decision.The dinners are always amust have at the lodge where the cllints will spend an overnight.

A supply of water  is always available in the car(cooler box) , and you can always make stopovers if you want to purchase other foods like the snucks,soft drinks.

Exiting the car

For parks with Game drives,Congo National Parks  strictly prohibits leaving the vehicle within the parks, for safety of the clients and fragile local ecosystem. This does mean you will spend the whole day in the vehicle, because these parks also have rest/picnic posts where you can stroll end enjoy your picnic lunch in the shade where as for the gorilla trek, you don’t need to drive through the park but walk through or hike/climb the mountain.

Number of tourists travelling per car

It always depends on the type of tour you will engage  your self and the number of people you would wish to  travel with in the same vehicle because the cost sometimes is shared  between the people within the group.When you go in for any activity,be it trekking, habituation,boat cruise, game drive,among others,here you have great opportunities to meeting people you have never met before any other safari.The only person other than those with whom you came, will be your safari driver, if at all you didn’t opt for driving by yourself. Safari guide? 

Any of the your safari driver  is will be responsible for your safety and comfort for the tour duration.All our drivers are professional jungle  guides, who will wholy share their knowledge of the African Bush and its flora and fauna
 Photographs and video recording

According to National Park regulations, all photo and video recording is allowed without the use of specialized equipment. This means that you may use any photo and video cameras but without flash lights for safety. Permits must be obtained for any recording that may later be used commercially. This does not apply to images and videos that may later be used in social media.

The procedure for this is rather involved and the permits only issued for projects of high social value. Make sure to inform your Tour Manager of the need for such a permit well in advance in order to give us sufficient time for formalities.

Bringing children on safari
Bringing children on safari is very safe, and also highly educational because its lots of fun for them. Seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, trekking throught the thick rainforest as opposed to a Zoo, is an experience that they shall carry with them  for alifetime. Just keep in mind that spending hours in a safari vehicle may be hard on children younger than 6 years of age.

Diversifying your safari
One of the most memorable adventures to undertake while on safari is a hiking the Nyiragongo Mountain, trekking lowland gorillas which will take  about two to three days, during which you spend your night in a camp at the mountain top , during which you get a birds-eye view of the famed Lava lake. The Parks that enclose lakes will usually offer canoeing. Do contact our Tour Managers for further information on these and other activities.
Wi-fi in Hotels and Lodges
All hotels and lodges have Wi-Fi and Internet access. However, one should get used to the idea that transfer speeds will be limited
 Tipping the safari driver 
Tipping is depends on your appreciation towards your guide/driver which is not amust but heart felt and We do not dictate about the amount to be given for every safari you make, provided you are satisfied with our services .