Important  gentlemen who have traveled to explore the world, have appreciated Africa as an amazing continent that one should visit at least once in their lifetime, because of its gifted nature and lots of wildlife, various bird species as well as gorillas which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

So for every one looking forward to adventure and explore the world, the best way to achieve your  dream is by going on a safari to Africa. There are so many adventurous activities for men on an Africa safari, Such as white water rafting, mountain hikes, gorilla trekking, snorkeling, kayaking and bungee jumping.

Of course! Men have always  said yes to every ultimate safari in Africa and are refered to as adventure junkies, that is why we have decided to describe Men’s safari outfit in terms of trousers, shirts and shorts. Their clothing are not that complicated because they only require to make their safari wardrobe more practical rather than trendy, but that does not mean they can’t be both practical and trendy.

When we talk about an African safari, men will always opt for Trousers especially cargo pants or safari trousers, because they are flexible for any safari on the African continent, but also warm and offers protection from insects, bushes thus providing the best comfort all wrapped in one attire. These trousers come in neutral colors, and are made out of a comfortable material and have numerous pockets for carrying your secret gadgets. However, shorts also made with similar fabrics are also good especially for game drives and nature walks in open plains as well as for birding,hiking, gorilla trekking,mountain climbing. Apart from neutral colours,other colours such as brown, green, beige and grey, are vital.

men's-safari-clothingsWhat about jeans?,yeah they can work too,but because of the unpredictable African weather,they may be quite heavy, absorbs heat, that is why we recommend khakis and Cargo pants for safari activities hence making jeans your last resort.

Functionality is crucial when choosing men’s safari clothing. The long and short sleeved shirts can be used at any time of the day depending on the weather. Shirts with many side pockets will be good for men; they can keep a few small items which may be needed along the way. Men should try to find and wear khaki clothes for a neat and elegant look.

To avoid mistakes, camouflage clothes should be left  side because they can easily lead to arrest. Men’s clothes are always designed with lightweight fabric made out of linen and cotton to absorb the heat and still make you comfortable on your safari. Remember to carry safari gear. If you are too busy to go out shopping, you can shop online. The prices are affordable and there is variety clothing that comes in different designs, sizes and colors; you are sure to find something to suit your needs. With the right Safari clothing, you can be sure to experience the true African wilderness.

You can also pack your cotton shirts and jeans that can be worn around the campsites and the lodges, or for a semi-formal dinner you might opt to have at one of the most fancier hotels, or visiting more luxurious towns.

Just like a hen and its chicks, trousers or shorts also requires  shirts, but still of neutral colors, confortable materials and with pockets Casual cotton shirts, both long and short sleeved are also good, although white is a neutral colour, it not suitable for any African wilderness because there is so much dust and your white shirts will get dirty really fast.

You can also pack clothes with synthetic fabrics with moisture winking properties because they do well for the tropical heat.

 Shoes/Foot wear

This is very important for every safari, and much attention is being paid to the kind of foot wear one deserves.Talk about safari boots which are best suited for all hiking activities, trekking, mountain climbing, game drives among others.Buy your boots before your ultimate trip, and try them on to ensure they fit, and your feet forms no blisters.The boots should be well fitting and have enough toe room especially if you have a hiking/climbing,or trekking safari.

Light weight clothes

You just have to keep in mind that  Men’s safari clothings should be very light because recycling clothes is inevitable for one who want to carry light luggage that can be easy to carry since you are likely to keep moving from one lodge to another,or from one destination to another, hence trying to make your journey easy and not hectic.This is because these clothes and with the right colours on the ground bring you close to the true  African wilderness; you easily spot animals without distraction. If you want to ruin your safari, carry bright colors that will make you stand out from your surroundings. These are dangerous and often times scare away animals.
It is important to remember that Africa’s weather is hard to predict and so you are advised to pack short and long sleeved shirts. You never know what the weather will be like. When it’s hot,scorching and when cold/  freezing. Going for a safari is an all new amazing experience and so it will be better if you purchase new safari clothes and avoid packing the ones in the wardrobe. You will get the opportunity to pick clothes that are made of good material, right safari colors as well as light in weight. Remember comfort is important.
Laundry services may be offered at the lodge or hotel at a fee. If you are on a long safari and get tired of recycling, you can have your clothes washed and ironed.

Safari Jackets, sun glasses and hats

safari-jacketPacking a safari or bush jacket is a must because the mornings and evenings are usually cold, most especially for those who will opt for morning game drives in the parks. Remember to keep the colors natural and the material must be good enough to provide you with enough warmth. Functionality jackets will work out for you on your trip, you can easily move with small items such as binoculars, guide books and camera, on the other hand, safari hats will become handy especially when  the  weather is hot, it will a vital roll of protecting you from the scorching sun as well as the enabling you to get better views of animals at adistance. A good pair of sunglasses will make a tremendous difference for your safari.

Characteristics of a good safari hat must have; a  wide brim, a breathable material to allow perspiration,Waterproof hats will be good for the sudden rains. Your hat must be firm on your head and so you need a chin strap so that the wind doesn’t blow it off. A safari hat and a good pair of sunglasses can actually make you enjoy your trip a lot more.