It is really difficult to find a Women travelling by herself, infact, she would rather travel in a group of at least two especially on  a safari. Even  in the Tailor made safaris, women will always delight in morning game drives, and later spend their afternoon in different parks so as to suitably suit their needs and preferences.

The different types of accommodation set in place are designed to make them feel at home, they enjoy an African feel and style that they may not find any where across the world. Imagine relaxing by the poolside as they spot wildlife at a distance with calm weather to sooth their mind  which paints a good picture.

light travel bagTraveling light is an interesting way to enjoy a safari, So packing only necessary clothes and accessories like a hat and sunglasses, would be of great importance. Carrying a sweater or shawl goes handy for the early mornings and late evenings which are always cold, but an extra fancy dress can be packed for occasional evenings, but remember recycling is also inevitable for  a lady’s safari although it makes them uncomfortable. This saves the burden of carrying heavy luggage while on a safari.

Africa’s weather is difficult to predict, therefore, baggy clothes may be to a lady’s advantage if it starts to rain because it takes no time to dry. However carrying a rain jacket is highly recommended, because the rains may start at anytime that is why it is always advisable to shop before travelling, because you may not get the time, or the items might be too costly and it could disorganize your budget. Pack light clothes to sleep in, it’s sometimes hot in the night and heavy clothes may be uncomfortable.

Trousers and shorts for women

Like every other vacation, ladies also need the right wardrobe.whereby its right and fitting to shop and pack for a safari with some guidelines so as to know exactly what  you need, what will be comfortable, what will be practical in the trip and the exact reason why you are leaving home.

Shorts and trousers are the perfect safari wear. For they are comfortable and eligible for all activities.All that you have to be sure of is the practical fabrics. Safari trousers  especially khakis are the best. Jeans could really  work but they are quite heavy and could easily get uncomfortable. If you can, get shorts and trousers in some fabrics with moisture winking properties.

women's outfitIt is also vital to mind about the colours, for it is not advisable to pack bright and shouting colours for  any safari because it will not in your surrounding especially  spotting wildlife  in any of the game parks or game reserves within the continent  since these colors startle away the animal and definitely draw attention to you rather than the rich wilderness you are there to explore. So for African safari, work with neutral colors for shorts and trousers inorder  blend with the wilderness environment

For comfortability around the camp and the lodge after your day activity,or even nature walks you can pack confortable shorts ,or  apair of dress pants will do much better fro your extra leisure moments when you choose to have dinner at anice hotel.

Shirts and blouses

Pack both long and short sleeved shirts in neutral colors, because trousers, shorts and skirts all need top bits. You could wear your safari trousers or any comfortable cotton shirts and t-shirts as well.

White is good, and reflects heat, but it gets dirty so fast and the African wilderness is most definitely dusty, so save the whites for another time. Collared shirts are good because they give your neck some protection from the heat, cold, and insect bites.

The same advice goes for blouses, no bright colors, comfortable fabrics, leave the silks and satins at home. Carry both long and short sleeved blouses.

Fabrics with moisture wicking properties are recommended.

Women Safari Shoes

foot wear-ladiesAll women like maintaining their beauty and therefore can do anything possible to protect their feet which is also very important on an African safari depending on the kind of safari one is intending to persue, apair of safari boots might be required.They  should be  preferably leather, sturdy, fitting with enough toe room, but high boots that can atleast cover the ankles to protect the lower legs from insect bites and low shrubs.

Pack a pair or two of comfortable walking shoes, and casual sandals as well, because you won’t be in the wilderness all the time and so your feet will need a break  from the boots

Accessories For Women On Adventure in Africa

So with all the above clothing, there are some accessories you cannot do without. These include; a wide brim hat, a pair or two of sunglasses, a pair of comfortable socks, hand gloves and a scarf or scarves. There is much, much more, but these are the basics.