Western Lowland Gorillas

Western Lowland Gorilla.

This is the smallest sub species of the gorillas which usually make their homes in lowland tropical rain forest. These primates are endemic to Central Africa. There are primatologists that habituate groups of these species especially in the area of Ndzehi. The only 2 Species of gorillas found in Africa are the Western low land and Eastern low land gorillas. The Eastern Gorilla also has 2 subspecies known as the Mountain gorilla (found in Uganda and Rwanda, and the Eastern Low land gorilla (found in the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo).

Both of these species and their sub species are considered critically endangered as a result of commercial bush meat hunting, Habitat loss and disease epidemics plus the very slow rate of reproduction, all of these factors affect them. In Odzala –Kokoua, the Western lowland Gorilla occurs in highest numbers. Around the area of Ngaga Camp, the western low land gorillas live in groups of 10 to 25 individuals and that’s an average of 16-17 animals.

Gorilla tracking in Odzala Kokoua National park.

In this park, the Western Low land Gorillas can be observed in 2 different ways. One can be through tracking the habituated groups and the other is by just waiting on the forest edge for a group / or family to pass by and you observe it.

As of now, the gorilla researchers have done a good job of habituating. About 7 groups with a total of not fewer than 105 individual gorillas have been habituated. Two of these groups are now open to guests and the third group is for research purposes only. This park is part of the big Congo Basin which also contains a quarter of the world’s rain forest. The center of this area rates among the most under developed parts / Areas of Africa.